Read manga One Piece chapter 940 english ➤ Release date One Piece 940 spoiler free manga online. Follow the story of Luffy who wants to find the One Piece treasure and become the King of the Pirates.

Release Date - April 21 - official in Mangaplus
- April 19 - unofficial in mangastream

-The events go back to Nami and the rest, there is a talk between Yasu and the rest
-Back in prison, Luffy still tries to practice punching without touching the enemy!
-Luffy uses the conqueror haki again on the soldiers.
- The appearance of Caribou and inside of him "Razio inside the body of Caribou". ~ Rayso out of the body of Caribou on the ring ~
-Kawamatsu is still in prison and shows his shadow as happened in previous chapters.
- Obviously Grandpa hyo is trying to remember the way out of prison.
- Last Page: Big Mom and the rest in front of the prison mine !!