Black Clover chapter 273 - Black Clover 273 spoiler Black Clover manga 273 release date November 27 unofficial and November 29 on mangaplus.

Black Clover 273 spoilers will likely leak on November 25 or 26. In chapter 272, Langris and Yuno meet, Langris asks him where is his "noisy spirit"
- Yuno confronts Langris telling him that like the Golden Dawn his duty is to become stronger, Langris tells him that he has become a brutally honest shameless - Nacht and Asta / Liebe fight, Nacht wins "They have lost, again", Asta has a monologue where he thinks about how the vice captain is strong and that his "fusion" (Nacht) is stronger
- Asta realizes that the injuries that happen to him when he is in Black Form are also reflected in Liebe
- Asta and Liebe eat what appears to be cookies, Asta mentions that they are sweets made by the people of Spade's resistance
- Asta says that they will not give up and will remain "united"
- Asta / Liebe think at the same time: "I can't let this guy die !!!" (The panel is very emotional, Asta thinks of Liebe and Liebe thinks that Asta does not want to let him die)
- Nacht is ashamed to know that Asta has so much potential and does not take advantage of it
- Liebe has an internal monologue where he wonders why they cannot merge if the feelings of him and Asta are the same: “not wanting to lose”, however a panel below shows their individual interests: Asta: to save Captain Yami Liebe: to avenge Lichita's death
- The chapter ends with an eye, transforming, next week's preview mentions the merger between Asta and Liebe.