One Piece chapter 997 - One Piece 997 spoiler One Piece manga 997 release date November 27 unofficial and November 29 on mangaplus.

One Piece 997 spoilers will likely leak on November 25 or 26. In chapter 996, - Tama and Komachiyo taka out Usopp and Nami. Nami asks Tama how she comes, Tama replys "In a enemy ship".
- Yamato Vs. Sasaki. Yamato is transforming in something like a dragon.
- Franky Shougun arrives with Hatcha.
- The floor is destroyed, so Yamato can escape with Momonosuke and Shinobu.
- Law found a Poneglyph. Robin asked him to find a red one to reveal the meaning of D.
- Kaido Vs. Red Scabbards.
- Luffy, Jinbe and Sanji are in 2nd floor heading to the dome.
- At the end of the chapter, Sanji reacts to Black Maria voice in the 3rd floor.