One Piece chapter 998 raw - One Piece 998 spoiler One Piece manga 998 release date December 11 unofficial and December 13 on mangaplus.

One Piece 998 spoilers will likely leak on December 9 or 10. In chapter 997, - Sanji is caught by Black Maria.
- Several Shinuchi ambush the stairs that going up the 4th floor, but Luffy climbs the ladder made by the samurai.
- Zoro is angry when he sees Kiku's severed arm falling from the sky.
- Zorro defeats Apoo and obtains antibodies (above image).
- Chopper said he knew the structure of Queen plague and says he would make an antibody for everyone.
- Queen wants to attack Chopper but Zoro stops him.
- People notice an unknown earthquake (Brook misunderstands it with Zoro's Haki).
- Marco asks Zoro and Robin if he can help.
- Yamato says that the dragon flies in the sky by generating a "flame cloud" due to the shaking of the island.
- In order to move the whole island to the Flower City, Kaido envelops the entire island in a cloud of fireworks and floats Onigashima in the air.