One piece 1000 manga will be released on January 1 unofficial and officially on January 3 on mangaplus. Below are the spoilers fro one piece 1000.

One Piece manga 1000 raw, One Piece 1000 reddit, One Piece 1000 release date, read One Piece chapter 1000 online free. - Luffy reaches the 5th floor, thanks to Shishilian and Inuarashi's group he can reach the roof.
- Marco blocks King and Queen's attacks and throws Zoro to the roof.
- Yamato says that Oden's "logbook" said that "The young pirates would arrive in the New World in 20 years."
- Ace remembers something Luffy told him about his dream, when Ace and Sabo laughed (maybe that scene from chapter 585?). Although they both believe that Luffy could do it.
- Ace tells him not to laugh, Yamato says he won't because the King of the Pirates said the same.
- Yamato gives Ace a Vivre Card.
- Luffy, Zoro, Law, Kid and Killer Vs. Kaidou and Big Mom.
- Kaidou: "Say it again in front of our faces! What do you want to become?"
- Kinemon and the Red Scabbards go downstairs with Law's powers.
- Luffy remembers his friends from Wanokuni.
- Luffy attacks Kaidou with the Gomu Gomu no Red Rock (looks like a new attack).
- Big Mom to Kaidou: "How did you let him hit you like that?"
- Luffy: "I am Monkey D. Luffy. I will surpass you and I will be the" King of the Pirates ".