Black Clover 279 manga will be released on January 22 unofficial and officially on January 24 on mangaplus. Black Clover 279 spoilers will be released on January 20 or 21.

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Mereo who defeated the Majin
Sally and Ralph join there
Nacht feels relieved that the magic knights were stronger than they imagined when they heard the superiority of each room from Plumede (cat devil).
However, the Qliphoth tree grows explosively and covers the royal castle.
When Nacht, who united with Plumede and became Mode Feliz, saw the place of Qliphoth's advent with Clairvoyance Amakage, Morris appeared in addition to Yami and William.
The gate of the Netherworld is opened by Morris who elucidated how to steal the omniscient of Loropechka and accelerate the growth of Qliphoth by the magic evolved by the power of the devil
Nacht tries to eliminate Morris, but two top-class demons appear in Dante's room.