Black Clover 280 manga will be released on January 29 unofficial and officially on January 31 on mangaplus. Black Clover 280 spoilers will be released on January 27 or 28.

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Jack is frozen and pinned to the wall by Lilith
. The 2 Devils of the first layer, Nahemah and Lilith
. Plumede is trembling with fear
. Nacht, Expecting them to be of DT level is overwhelmed by their extraordinary power
. Qliphoth's roots suck mana from the world, and a huge number of Devils come flooding out the Royal castle
. Demon Gods are back and the first gate has opened, also releasing 100% of the Dark Triad's power
. Vanica is back and holds Charlotte back
. Dante pulls Jack to his feet and beats him to a pulp
. I want to go take down Morris, but someone has to deal with these Devils as well
. Nacht thinks about the best way to win
. Nacht: Plumede.... die with me
. Zenon: It's you who will die after all... but don't worry, you have nowhere to go
. The Demon Gods attack Clover Kingdom from above.