Jujutsu Kaisen 140 manga will be released on February 27. The spoilers will come out 1 or 2 days before.

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Bassically, Yuta jumps down, Naoya says he's here to kill Yuji and the Yuta decides to team up. Naoya vs Choso, Naoya says Senketsu has too much of a wind up and that Choso is going to die. Choso responds with "touch ma bro, you gon die bitch". Yuta vs Yuji: Yuji uses cars to dodge Yuta's blade strikes, Yuta says he's just like Maki. Yuji punches a car, blasting it and Yuta away and runs away. The same car comes flying back at him. Yuta threw it, buffed by curse energy; and he says he has even more curse energy than Gojo. But Gojo's energy usage is hyper efficient because of Six-Eyes, so while he won't ever run out of power, while Yuta can. Yuta attacks Yuji, but Yuji remembers Todo's explanation about curse energy flow as well as Nanami's last words. And the chapter ends with Yuji saying he can't die just yet.