One piece 1003 manga will be released on February 5 unofficial and officially on February 7 on mangaplus. One Piece 1003 spoilers will be released on February 4 or 3.

One Piece manga 1003 raw, One Piece 1003 reddit, One Piece 1003 release date, read One Piece chapter 1003 online free. - After the attack, Luffy ran out of Haki, needs 10 minutes to recharge and can not do anything.
- Big Mom attacked him with the move named "Hahaba" but Zoro managed to block it.
- Law used the move named "Countershock" to attack Big Mom.
- Kaido used the move named "Vortex Wind" to attack Killer and Kid.
- Kaido attacked Luffy but Zoro uses the move named " Black Dragon Tornado" and managed to damage Kaido.
- Kaido seemed to be a little damaged and realise Oden's sword.
- Kaido used new AOE move affecting/destroying large area.
- CPO appears on a boat and analize the fight:
- Samurai's side has 5400, lost 400. Kaido's side has 30000, lost 3000.
- Kaido appears with his hybrid form.