One piece 1005 manga will be released on February 26 unofficial and officially on February 28 on mangaplus. One Piece 1005 spoilers will be released on February 24 or 25.

One Piece manga 1005 raw, One Piece 1005 reddit, One Piece 1005 release date, read One Piece chapter 1005 online free. - Black Maria urges Sanji to call Robin.
- Those who have the eye-marked paper can share images and sounds.
- Sanji is defeated by Black Maria, he does nothing to defend himself.
- He seems like he has defeated the male subordinates, but not the female ones.
- Sanji: "Save me Robin! I'm on the 3rd floor! I'm a prisoner!"
- We see the reaction of several characters to Sanji's call thanks to those who have the eye-marked paper.
- Nami regrets the situation saying that his rival is a woman.
- Robin attacks Black Maria with a gigantic hand.
- Brook rescues Sanji by freezing Black Maria's web.
- Robin: "Thanks for trusting me, Sanji!"
- The animals that have the eye-marked paper are Kaidou's spies, but they are not real animals, they are cyborgs.

- Kaidou's subordinates discover Yamato.
- Jack is going to kill the Red Scabbards.
- Black Maria Vs. Robin and Brook at the end of the chapter