BLACK CLOVER 294 Spoilers and Release Date

Black Clover mangaBlack Clover 294 manga will be released on May 28 on ⛔ Black Clover 294 spoilers will be released on here May 26 or 27.

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– Chapter starts with Asta being happy with Magna’s victory
– Jack: “I’ve just seen something interesting”
– Jack used to think it was a bad idea that Yami let lower class people join the magic knights, now he was saved by one of those people.
– Devils are pouring out one by one from the room where Morris is.
– When Asta & the rest move on to the next room, Dante revives/comes back in an “ugly form”.
– Jack turns back and says “not to spoil their victory” and then delivers the final blow to Dante.
– Charlotte & Rill struggle against Vanica & Loropechika (she’s fighting as one of Vanica’s cursed puppets, like those Diamond generals by the looks.
– Chapter ends with Noelle and Gaja rushing to Vanica’s room, “The sworn enemies meet!!”.