EDENS ZERO 145 Spoilers and Release Date

Edens ZeroEdens Zero 145 manga will be released on June 1 on capitulo.tvymanga.com ⛔ Edens Zero 145 spoilers are bellow.

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– The mirror behind Milani shatters and shards fly at Homura.
– She dodges them but gets kicked by Milani whos leg appears out of one of the mirror shards.
– Milani uses the mirror shards to hold Homura down while multi-ple of her hands come out of other shards and barrage punch her.
– Homura goes Overdrive for the first time and uses Odin Strike to attack all the mirrors.
– Jinn arrives at the aftermath of the explosion. He calls out to Shiki but no response.
– There are pieces of the robots on the ground, like arms and fingers etc.
– Chapter ends with Jinn staring into the smoke still left from the explosion.