HAJIME NO IPPO 1341 Spoilers and Release Date

hajime no ippoHajime no Ippo 1341 manga will be released on May 29 on capitulo.tvymanga.com – Bellow are the spoilers.

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Round 1341: I’m so strong!
Takamura: “This is my true form! Pervading power! Boiling wild! My sponge is bursting! I’m so strong!
Takamura beats his chest again.
Kamogawa: “What are you doing! Hurry up and come home! (…And yet, on this big stage, you’re such a reliable guy.)
Takamura: “Now that I’m here, I don’t care if there are a hundred opponents!”
Kamogawa “A hundred people !?”
Takamura: “I’ll get you pregnant!”
Kamogawa: “Shut the fuck up!”
Trainer: “What do we do now? He’s a beast now.”
Keith: “It looked like a demon to me, not a beast.”

Trainer: “Are you feeling vulnerable?”
Keith: “When you’re dealing with a demon, anyone would be scared.”
Trainer: “We can’t just run away.”
Keith said, “Yes, you’re right. The person behind me doesn’t allow me to run away. I need your help, God.”
Then, the second out. The Kokugikan is filled with loud cheers.
Takamura: “Hey, old man. If this happens in a place bigger than this venue, my eardrums might break. Would you be happy if you seconded in the main event of the dome?”
Kamogawa: “Oh, oh.”
Takamura: “…Okay. One of these days, I’ll take you soon.”
Kamogawa: “You… you think there’s a bigger stage than this? Don’t regret your big mouth! Take me while these old eyes are black!”
And the third round begins. Once again, Takamura pushes Keith into the ropes, this time with a left hook. Keith countered with a straight left…!