HAJIME NO IPPO 1348 Spoilers and Release Date

hajime no ippoHajime no Ippo 1348 manga will be released on July 24 on capitulo.tvymanga.com – Bellow are the spoilers.

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Round 1348 The Secret of the Left Swing
Taku: Well, at least you didn’t sully the family name.
Kyouka: Again with that? Can’t you congratulate your brother properly?
Wataru: Congratulations, big brother.
Aoki: But I don’t get it! How come you were able to counter against that left swing?
Miyata: That’s the thing on everyone’s mind, isn’t it? Takamura-san’s left right eye.
Aoki: Hey, don’t put words in my mouth!
Miyata: Did you think he wasn’t even looking?
Aoki: … That isn’t what I’m asking! Woah!
Miyata: How about it? If I sway to the outside, for a moment don’t I seem to disappear?
Kimura: Your fists certainly vanish for a moment, and then pop back in from one’s blind spot.
Itagaki: And it’s a dangerous punch with weight behind it, too. If you’re not absolutely certain it’s coming, you can’t properly counter.
Kimura: …Ah.
Miyata: Exactly. Coach Kamogawa and Takamura san created that “certainty.” Then, Takamura used the shocks against his own guard to measure when it was coming.
Aoki: But that was the previous attack. What I don’t understand is the final counter!

Miyata: Most likely, that was a result of Keith’s stubbornness as king. It’s one of the punches that can’t be used by a lefty to begin with. On top of being thrown from the furthest possible location, it has plenty of leeway timing-wise and is also easy to spot.
Miyata: Taking his own damage into account, and knowing that he’d already been lead to believe Takamura is weak against that kind of punch, he turned his leading arm into a cannon and went for the kill.
Aoki: Easy to spot? …Which means…
Miyata: That should clear up any doubts you had about his eye. He quite literally dodged it by the skin of his teeth. It’s not some stunt you can pull off with one eye.
The three breath a sigh of relief and head on over to Takamura’s waiting room.
Itagaki: You coming too, Miyata san?
Miyata: I already moved to a different gym. It wouldn’t be appropriate to get involved with you guys…
As Miyata muttered this, he seemed very lonely…
Kamogawa: Somebody tie up this asshole!
Takamura: Shut the hell up! We’re gonna be partying all damn night! Let’s go out with a bang!
Ippo: You can’t! You hurt your right leg last time too! Listen to Coach and go home and rest!
Kamogawa: I’m counting on you. Call a taxi and take him home.
Takamura: Man, this sucks!!
Ippo: It’s the Coach’s orders.
Takamura: Grr!!
Kamogawa: Hmph.
Yagi: Are you okay Coach? You should go home and rest too… Kamogawa: Yagi chan, let’s talk.
What does the master think of his disciple’s brilliant achievement?
…Find out next time!