HAJIME NO IPPO 1353 Spoilers and Release Date

hajime no ippoHajime no Ippo 1353 manga will be released on September 10 on capitulo.tvymanga.com – Bellow are the spoilers.

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Round 1353 The Mashiba Siblings
Ippo: So what’s the deal with Mashiba san and that girl…
Kumi: That’s Tanaka Rie (assumed pronunciation for now). She’s the daughter of Ryo’s boss. She’s a little older than my brother, but I think that’s appropriate for him.
Ippo: What does that mean?
Kumi: (…Oh right. Ippo is pretty thickheaded when it comes to this sort of thing.)
Ippo: Anyhow, it sure is a nice company. Throwing an encouragement party for him and everything.
Kumi: They’re the first group of people to accept my brother. I’m grateful.
Ippo: I think they recognize that your brother is a hardworker. Mashiba san is easily misunderstood, but I think up until now he’s always taken his work seriously. That is to say…he’s always been working in order to protect you, Kumi san.
Kumi: That’s right. But…it hasn’t always simply been a matter of being misunderstood. There have been times that Ryo took things too far and committed violence.
Back in her school days, on more than one occasion there would be a boy who would escort Kumi home at night. Somehow, each time Mashiba caught wind of this and ambushed them, going crazy on the young boys. Ippo shrinks back at hearing this story.
Kumi: It’s okay, he’s not here now.
Ippo: I’m sorry I’m not a more dependable body guard…
Kumi: Not at all, you have his complete faith.
Ippo: ?

Mashiba: Thing is, there might come a day when we’re not together anymore. Until that time comes, I won’t allow anybody to be by her side besides someone who can protect her. I won’t recognize anybody who ain’t stronger than me.
Rie: You’re very overprotective. Women can fend for themselves, too.
Mashiba: …Fine, from here you can walk yourself home.
Rie: What!? Don’t leave me alone halfway!
Mashiba: You can fend for yourself, right?
Rie: Wait up! (Kumi chan, you’ve had it very tough, haven’t you. …! Somebody stronger than Ryo chan…)
It suddenly occurred to her, the boy from before.
Mashiba: What is it?
Rie: I see, I see.
Rie: You must trust him very much then, if you’re leaving Kumi’s care to him.
Mashiba: Like the boss asked, it can’t be helped so I brought ya back like I said I would.
Rie: (can’t be helped…huh) Ok.
Mashiba: You’re right in saying Kumi is important to me. When our parents died she was still small, crying so much she couldn’t even move. I have to protect her.
Time goes by…Korakuen. Today is the Japan Featherweight Title Match. The champion, Imai Kyousuke debuts.
Itagaki: Just look at how many sponsers he has. He’s gotten even more carried away, don’t you think? If I could I’d teach him a lesson right now.
Ippo: If you want to see Imai get his KO then just go buy a ticket. But the magazines are saying it’ll end within 3 minutes…He’s got a nickname…Mr. 1 Round.
Itagaki: The fuck! That pisses me off!
Ippo: The challenger this time is strong! I don’t think it’s gonna be an easy match.
And the challenger that appears is…Japanese Featherweight Rank 1, Hoshi Hiroyuki.