KANOJO OKARISHIMASU 263 Release Date Spoilers Leaks

kanojoIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Rent a Girlfriend chapter 263. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Kanojo Okarishimasu manga 263 will be released this December 13 on capitulo.tvymanga.com. The spoilers are bellow.

RELEASE DATE : December 13

Mami asks him to meet up, kaz agrees although skeptical. Next day they meet up and walk to a cafe shop (passersby comments along the way ala reiji classico). At the cafe, kaz apologizes to her lol, apparently for causing her so much trouble.
Mami, after more apologies from kaz, only says that chiz already told her, that they’re not actually dating. kaz is perplexed that that’s it cus shortly after mami asks if they shall leave and he agrees. Kaz thinks shes angry. Mami then only says «See You» and is about to leave.
Then kaz like an idiot screams out «That’s all?» Mami confused, she just says Yes and Thank You, then leaves. Kaz thinks it’s really weird after meeting for the first time in a long time just for that during a 30m tea drink. Kaz: «Women… really are a mystery».
He goes home and meets chizuru in the hallway who greets him with an okaeri (welcome home) kaz blush & stare, chiz comments on the stare Then they’re just looking at each other and chiz’s turns into a stare at him, kaz freaks out.
Then Chiz says «go back», followed by a spread page of a shy-embarrassed chiz standing infront of the toilet door saying «Quickly…. Go back to your room.» Kaz then sees the «toilet» sign on the door and fucks off realizing she just wanted him to leave so she can go to toilet.
Kaz went to his room and just sat on his chair with his face red.