KANOJO OKARISHIMASU 285【Spoilers and Release Date】

kanojoIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Rent a Girlfriend chapter 285. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Kanojo Okarishimasu manga 285 will be released this June 7 on mangaomega.com. The spoilers are bellow.


Kazuya can’t stop himself from imagining Chizuru falling down and her dress getting naked. Chizuru keeps staring at Kazuya with contempt

As the game progresses, the two of them get closer and closer Chizuru’s breasts are right in front of him, and Kazuya is under a lot of pressure. Currently, Chizuru is bending over and touching the ground with her hands, making her tremble. Kazuya described Yae Mori in his mind as the king of evil, manipulating the puppet Chizuru.

Then Chizuru decided to crouch down, which was easier, and she started to think about what to do next. She thought to herself that there was no abnormal close contact in this game, so it would be strange to just accuse her. Although the game is more difficult than expected, but it is not really difficult to move

Then Chizuru suddenly stood up, and Kazuya thought for a moment that she was angry. Chizuru said shyly, «I’m going to change my pants…» (cross page) Then he left the room.

On the last page, Kazuya was angry and said to Yae Mori that if Chizuru hated him, it was your fault. Yae Mori calmly said no

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