KANOJO OKARISHIMASU 297【Spoilers and Release Date】

kanojoIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Rent a Girlfriend chapter 297. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Kanojo Okarishimasu manga 297 will be released this September 6 on mangaomega.com. The spoilers are bellow.

RELEASE DATE : September 6

Chizuru is cooking in the kitchen in the morning and keeps thinking of Kazuya playing happily with the kids at the nursery. Chizuru is a bit annoyed with herself.
On the other hand, Kazuya wakes up to the sound of Chizuru’s chopping. He thinks about his dream of Chizuru making breakfast for him. He can’t get Chizuru’s apron outfit from yesterday out of his mind, and is determined to trust Mizuhara again.
When Kazuya passes by the kitchen to brush his teeth, he exchanges good morning greetings with Chizuru. Chizuru reacts with a bit of panic.
Kazuya watches behind Chizuru as she cuts up green onions to make miso soup. Kazuya asks if it’s too long to cut a whole green onion, which seems to scare the distracted Chizuru.
Chizuru glares at Kazuya and quickly walks out of the kitchen. Kazuya doesn’t know what’s wrong with her, and she forgets to turn down the heat on the soup.
The scene changes to the university. Kazuya can’t figure out what he did wrong this morning to make Chizuru angry. He runs into Chizuru on the way to college.
They pass each other and pretend not to know each other.
At night, they go home. Kazuya wants to send a message to Chizuru to see if he’s angry. Chizuru walks by Kazuya’s door when he comes home.
Kazuya worries that he’s been dumped. When Kazuya wants to go to the restroom to calm down, he meets Chizuru in front of the hallway curtain.
Chizuru stares at Kazuya with his face close to him. Chizuru says it’s nothing, just that the bath water is ready. Kazuya quickly hides under the blanket in his room and yells at him to trust her.