KINGDOM 730【Release Date】Spoilers Leaks

Kingdom mangaIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Kingdom chapter 730. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Kingdom manga 730 will be released this August 25 on Below we have the summary of the previous chapter, spoilers will be released on August 23.



Everyone is shocked that the leader of the Saki clan is a female. Bihei says that he can’t believe the leader of a crazy clan like the Saki is a beautiful female like her and wonders if the entire Saki clan are full of women. One of the male Saki members takes off his mask in response and Bihei freaks out with Denyuu and Kou saying there’s no way and he’s stupid. Naki asks what she means by Kanki being the first of the Saki. She says it’s exactly as she has said. The Saki was here from the beginning and Kanki was a part of that. Naki asks since when this began and she says it was around when he was 13 years old. Naki and his clan member says it’s from a really long time ago then and that it’s likely nobody knows of this. The clan leader says they’re revealing that kind of secret so she asks them to accept their sincerity. Shin interrupts saying there’s no way the Saki clan has a shred of sincerity in them but Naki stops him.

The clan leader continues her story saying on a day when it was pouring by a road near their mountain they heard a child has died so they went to go check. When they got there the Saki noticed he was still alive and a girl named Seeoh picks him up and calls him a beautiful child. The clan leader says her older sister saved him and brought him into their clan. She continues saying that Kanki was no ordinary child and that the clan changed once he joined. Though it was more so that Kanki made the change to the clan and that the way the Saki clan is right now is because Kanki made them that way. The HSU is surprised by this and asks if that means the Saki clan didn’t use to specialize in torture and how Kanki managed to make them this way.

Naki then asks if what she said about Kanki being brought into the clan is true then how is there now a Saki clan and a separate Kanki clan? She replies saying after something happened he decided to expand and left the clan to make his own. In another matter of speaking, the Saki clan was never absorbed into the Kanki clan, they were just always by his side. Shin interrupts again saying they’re spouting nonsense about not being a part of the Kanki army because they’re doing his dirty work and that it sounds like Kanki forced them to change but if they didn’t want to do it then they could have just resisted. He says they only appear to be freaks who enjoy doing trash things to which a Saki member chuckles and Shin gets pissed at the chuckle.

Naki then asks what happened that made Kanki leave the Saki. As the clan leader thinks about it another member calls her, her name is Eeoh, and she says she knows. She tells the HSU that the talks will stop here and the rest of the story will be told once they take the castle. Shin tells them to stop with the bullshit and that they’ll never take the Saki clan with them. Ten chimes in saying they said Kanki appeared to them when he was about 13 but what about before then? Eeoh replies saying there is nobody alive who knows that information anymore so they can ask Kanki directly the next time they see him.

Shin says there’s no way they’re seeing Kanki again because he’s probably dead by now and yells at Naki for making the decision to take them on his own. Naki apologizes. Ten then says that they haven’t made the decision to attack the castle yet or not and says they still need to speak with Mouten.

At Riboku’s HQ they receive multiple reports of scattered remains of Kanki’s troops all over their lands being caught. The ones at HQ are glad to hear they’re being caught but are still bothered that the report of Kanki himself being caught has still not come in. They know they ran to their left but because the Kanki clan changed directions and because they’re utilizing the darkness they lost track of Kanki. The Zhao try to guess where he could be heading whether it’s back to the castle they first took or even past that but Riboku says there’s no need to worry because if they’re in the previous castle then they won’t be able to escape. A Zhao soldier apologizes for letting him go even after Riboku prepared all of this and he says it’s not a problem because the way the Qin responded was outside of their predictions. SSJ says there’s no way they can get out of the preparations Riboku has made around the land of Zhao and someone says to make sure Riboku’s HQ is heavily guarded just in case they didn’t run and pushed further in.

Kanki’s troops are by a river observing the situation. Kanki walks in telling them to stop talking and the troops follow after his example. Marron complains that despite Kanki making it up to the position of 6 great they still have to do things like escaping through the water in the dark. Kanki says it’s been awhile since they crossed a river in the night. Ringyoku says they used to do this a lot in the past when the Qin chased after them. There was even a river where they got out and leeches were all over them. Ringyoku says in the past crossing a river meant they fully got away but this time it’ll be harder than that and Marron says Riboku’s formation is too much. Kanki replies saying it’s still not that much and at the end he’ll be the winner. Ringyoku notices Kokuou drowning and saves her saying the boss hasn’t given up. Marron asks if he’s being serious about winning and Kanki chuckles.

At Gian the Zhao soldiers are receiving their late night meals and are about to change shifts. Suddenly they hear a sound in the distance and sees the sight of Koushun approaching them.