MERCENARY ENROLLMENT 197【Release Date】Spoilers Leaks

Mercenary EnrollmentIn this post you will find all the information ⭐ about the manhwa Mercenary Enrollment chapter 197 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Mercenary Enrollment manga 197 will be released this July 21 on No spoiles yet.


Ijyu ijin main character of mercenary enrollment manhwa lost his parents in an aircraft crash when he was eight years old, leaving him stranded in a foreign nation and forced to become a child mercenary in order to survive.

He returns to Korea ten years later to be reunited with his family, where there is enough of food and shelter, and everything appears to be in order. But Ijin will soon discover that surviving as a teenager is a very other challenge. With only one year left of high school, Ijin must learn new strategies to navigate the schoolhouse battleground.

Will he be able to make it through a year of high school? Will the school be able to survive him, or will he be able to survive the school?