MY HERO ACADEMIA 310 Spoilers and Release Date

Boku no Hero Academia mangaMy Hero Academia 310 manga will be released on April 23 on ⛔ Boku no Hero Academia 310 spoilers will be released here on April 21 or 22.

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Chapter starts with a person getting attacked by some people. Deku saves her, after saving he watches over the city and comments “present day has reverted backwards into the dark age.”
Deku then gets in a conversation with Banjo, they talk about how they still don’t have much information on AFO, Shigaraki, Dabi & LoV.
Deku says even if he teams-up top heroes, Shigaraki with AFO is too strong. Deku concludes that to stop him, he has to draw out the full power of One For All!
We finally see the faces of these 2 OFA users. The first one really looks like bakugo, and has a big scar in his face
Before Deku goes somewhere else, All Might gives him a meal box so he can properly take care of his health.