ONE PIECE【Chapter 1054】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaHere we have the spoiler and the release date of One Piece manga 1054.

One piece 1054 manga will be released on July 22 on ⛔ One Piece 1054 spoilers are bellow.

Chapter 1054: «Flame Emperor».
Chapter begins in the Flower Capital. Kinemon and the other Red Scabbards noticed that someone is approaching to the city. Kinemon says Luffy-dono and his friends can’t discover what’s going on. Then they go to deal with the intruder.
Ryokugyuu keeps walking towards the Flower Capital, he’s thinking in something.
Ryokugyuu: «The ability to influence others… That’s something quite difficult to achieve…»
Suddenly Raizou, Shinobu, Inuarashi, Denjirou, Nekomamushi and Kawamatsu appear in front of Ryokugyuu to stop him.
Ryokugyuu: «Samurai, don’t get in my way~~~!!»
Raizou says that guy is someone from the Marines and Denjirou says then he’s one of Luffy’s enemies from the outside world.
Ryokugyuu talks to them as he begins to use his powers.
Ryokugyuu: «Guys… How much do you know about the «outside world»? The «Tenryuubito» are the gods of this world!! A country like yours, which is not affiliated with the World Government Has NO RIGHTS!! Sorry, but that’s how the world works!!»
Ryokugyu puts his hands on the ground and starts growing all kinds of plants to attack them.
Ryokugyuu: «Kinniku Mori Mori (Forbidden Hate Woods – 禁憎森々(きんにくもりもり))!!!!!! I am the user of the «Mori Mori no Mi», a «forest man»!!! I am nature* itself, the father of all life like the «sea»!!!»
«When Ryokugyuu says «nature» he uses the word «Logia» (自然(ロギア))
Ryokugyuu keeps talking.
Ryokugyuu: «I will give you a lesson on humanity!! We need to create «lower creatures» in order to live!! Everyone is able to survive by looking down on non-affiliated countries!! «Discrimination» is what gives us stability!!!»
In an impressive double page, we see that Ryokugyuu has transformed into some kind of giant tree and attacks the Red Scabbards with branches and roots of all sizes.
Red Scabbards defend themselves while Ryokugyuu continues with his speech.
Ryokugyuu: «Countless people could die in this country and no law would be broken!! Stop me if you can!! I will kill thousands of people if it’s necessary to capture «Straw Hat Luffy»!!!»
Yamato appears behind of the Red Scabbards and hits Ryokugyuu’s head with his kanabo, knocking Ryokugyuu to the ground. Yamato tells Ryokugyuu that everything he said is unforgivable.
Yamato’s attack damaged Ryokugyuu, he says it had a very strong Haki.
Yamato says that Wanokuni has suffered 20 years of tyranny, and now that the country is finally free, he is not going to let anyone interrupt their well-deserved celebration.
Ryokugyuu: Who the hell are you!?»
Yamato: «I’m Yamato!! Kaidou’s son!!!»
Ryokugyuu: «Kaidou’s son…!?»
Momonosuke also arrives to the battlefield in dragon form.
Momonosuke: «I agree with you, Yamato!! We won’t let you lay a finger on our heroes who are still recovering-!!!»
Ryokugyuu: «A dragon~~~!?»
Momonosuke: «Bolo Breath!!!»
Momonosuke tries to imitate Kaidou, but he can’t use the attack. Ryokugyuu is surprised.
Ryokugyuu: «What was that supposed to be?»
Seeing that his attack failed, Momonosuke runs towards Ryokugyuu and bites his body. Momonosuke then tries to get Ryokugyuu away from the Flower Capital, he doesn’t want to bring fear to people’s heart again.
Ryokugyuu is surprised to see a pink dragon, he never heard that kind of ability exists. He then tells Momonosuke to get out of his way and wraps several giant branches around Momonosuke’s body to stop him.
Yamato tries to help Momonosuke.
Yamato: «Momonosuke-kun!!»
Momonosuke: «Yamato… Stay out of this!!!»
Yamato: «What??»
Cut to the sea near Wanokuni, we can see that the ship of the Red Hair Pirates is there. Part of the crew tell Shanks that they want to see Luffy since he has become a great pirate.
Shanks remembers the last time he was in Wanokuni sea, when they separated Oden that day. He also thinks that Momonosuke and Hiyori must already be adults. Red Hair Pirates insist.
Lucky Roux: «Boss!! Let’s go see Luffy!!»
Bonk Punch: «Luffy is truly amazing!!» Yasopp: «Wait a minute if I’m not mentally prepared to meet Usopp yet…»
Limejuice: «What’s this!? That guy Kid is here too. Didn’t he fight against us not too long ago!?»
Shanks sees Luffy’s Wanted poster.
Shanks: «So this is…»
A short flashback starts. Red Hair Pirates’ ship chases one Marine warship. Benn Beckman informs Shanks that there are CP9 members on the warship, but Shanks doesn’t care and orders the attack.
A young Who’s Who asks pirates what they want, since there are no treasures on the warship. Who’s Who says they only have a measly Akuma no Mi, then we see the chest with the Gomu Gomu no Mi that we saw in One Piece chapter 1 (from where Luffy took the fruit to eat it).
Flashback continues with Shanks remembering some scenes with Luffy in Foosha Village and the moment where Shanks sacrificed his arm to save Luffy. Back in the present we see that Shanks grabs his missing arm.
Some members of the crew who were not on the ship when Red Hair Pirates met Luffy in the past, are surprised to find out that their boss knows Luffy. They heard all kind of rumors about Luffy, for example that Luffy is an unstoppable monkey monster.
Shanks talks to his crewmates.
Shanks: «I have no intention of meeting Luffy…!!
Lucky Roux: «Whaaaat~~~~~!!?»
Shanks: «Can you remind me what is happening in our territories right now?»
Howling Gab: «Oh yeah, you’re talking about that guy named Barto or something like that… It seems he’s one of Luffy’s subordinates… He burned our flags and changed them to Luffy’s…»
Shanks: «Well, we have to go to solve it… Or what will happen to my credibility?» Red Hair Pirates: «If you put it in that way… But we still think…»
Shanks sits at a table next to Benn Beckman and serves himself a cup of sake.
Shanks: «Hey Beck. I think it’s time to join the fight… for the «One Piece».
Cut to the Navy Headquarter in the New World, a meeting is taking place.
An unknown Marine tells Akainu that they can’t allow the revolutionaries to continue doing things as they please. Akainu tells him that he already knows, but they don’t have enough troops for everything. We see that Akainu, Kizaru and the unknown Marine are at the meeting.
Unknown Marine: «That guy called «Sabo, the Flame Emperor» is now a hero in the whole world!! Nefertari Cobra was the only member of the 20 kingdoms that founded the World Government 800 years ago… that participated in the Levely. The murder of this man is an important achievement for the Revolutionary Army!!»
As the unknown Marine says this, we see the headline of the newspaper, which says «Sabo murdered King Nefertari Cobra of the Arabasta Kingdom». Then the unknown Marine talks about what happened on the land of Mary Geoise while the Levely was being celebrated.
Unknown Marine: «A few hours before the murder… In the residential area of the Tenryuubito, in the «Land of the Gods», the emblem of the World Nobles… the «Hoof of the Celestial Dragon» was destroyed!! It was a declaration of war!!!»
As he speaks, we see that a Tentyuubito’s flag flaping on top of a building, was burned during the incident.
Unknown Marine: «Marine soldiers led by Admirals «Ryokugyuu» and «Fujitora» attended the nobles’ call. But in the end… Revolutionaries were able to liberate Bartholomew Kuma, a former member of the Revolutionary Army who was the slave of the Tenryuubito. And all of them escaped!! Admirals probably couldn’t fight properly in the «Land of the Gods».»
Akainu: «You don’t need to create excuses on their behalf. And what about Princess Vivi’s disappearance, which happened at the same time as King Cobra’s murder… ?»
We see again a newspaper headline reporting Vivi’s disappearance. The unknown Marine is presented, he’s a man with white hair and sunglasses. He is «Kurouma» (Black Horse) the Head of the Marine Criminal Investigation Service. His real name is «Tensei».
Kurouma : «We are still investigating the disappearance… and its possible connection with the incidents.»
Akainu: «Arabasta is probably in a chaos right now. Kurouma : «Their ship is still in the Red Port I don’t think it’s time for them to return…»
Kizaru: «Has the incident of attempted murder about Saint Charlos resolved?»
Kurouma : «Regarding Saint Mjosgard and how he helped the suspect to escape… There was a trial in the «Land of the Gods», in which the «Knights of God» intervened. Which made things more complicated.»
Akainu: «Let them do what they want.»
Kurouma continues.
Kurouma: «Rumors say Sabo is the one who might be pulling the strings behind all these incidents. And the «Revolution of 8 Nations» took place, aiming at the return of world leaders. The sparks of rebellion across the world… They’re starting to treat that guy like a God!!»
In the final double page we see the country from chapter 1,053 where was the giant picture of Sabo on a building. There’s a man with a megaphone on a stage while people cheer «Sabo, the Flame Emperor».
Kurouma: «You can even say… that his popularity has surpassed the influence of the supreme commander of the Revolutionary Army, «Rebellious Dragon»!!»
Kizaru: «And then, right at this very moment, his little brother «Straw Hat Luffy» becomes one of the Yonkou…»
The man with the megaphone starts talking to the people.
Revolutionary man: «The old system has been destroyed on the pirate side by the little brother of the «Flame Emperor»!!! Right now! This era is changing!!!»
In the last panels of the chapter, we see Akainu looking at the sea from his office.
Akainu: «Looks like I’ve become the Fleet Admiral in this damn moment it But no matter what is coming… I will finish them all!!!»
End of the chapter.