ONE PIECE 1011 Spoilers and Release Date

one piece mangaOne piece 1011 manga will be released on April 23 on ⛔ One Piece 1011 spoilers will be released here on April 21 or 22.

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– Chapter 1,011: “The Virtue of The Red Beans”.
– Killer and Kid are scared to see that Big Mom returns flying even without Zeus.
– Zeus, who has escaped from Kid’s metal box since his powers have been weakened, goes to look for Big Mom.
– Law teleports with Zoro and Zeus, leaving Luffy alone.
– Kid and Killer arrive at the castle after an attack by Big Mom and confront Hawkins.
– In the end, Killer is the one who faces him alone and Kid leaves.
– Page One chases Nami, Usopp and Tama.
– Tama goes to the Live Floor to give an order to the Gifters who have eaten her kibi dango. Thus will his role in the war end.
– Usopp manages to slow down / slow down Page One.
– While fleeing, Nami, Usopp, and Tama meet Big Mom.

– Nami and Usopp are terrified.
– Tama calls her Olin and talks to her in a friendly way.
– Big Mom is friendly to Tama.
– Prometheus says that it has entered its “special” mode (the Korean filter does not say the name) that only comes out with children under a certain age (again the Korean filter does not say the number).
– Big Mom is enraged when Tama tells her that the Okobore Neighborhood has been destroyed by Kaidou’s subordinates.
– Page One is chasing them again.
– He tells Big Mom not to let Nami and the rest run away.
– However, Big Mom is the one who attacks Page One.
– Big Mom: “You have no morals?”
– The chapter ends with Ulti in shock upon seeing the scene.