ONE PIECE 1012 Spoilers and Release Date

one piece mangaOne piece 1012 manga will be released on May 7 on unless it leaks before⛔ One Piece 1012 spoilers are bellow.

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Chapter starts with the Red Scabbards moving together
– Kiku says that she will take care of Kanjuurou. Izou is worried about Kiku’s arm.
– Nekomamushi meets Shishilian who tells him that Pedro has died. They also tell him that his murderer is on the island and they go after him.
– Momonosuke says there are 2 “voices” on the roof.
– Sanji takes Zoro with him injured.
– Kawamatsu and Izou join Sanji.
– Page One has fallen, Ulti tries to attack Big Mom.
– Komachiyo falls, Ulti hits Tama.
– Big Mom is enraged at Ulti for hitting her friend.
– However, the one who attacks Ulti is Nami.
Usopp: “Wait a minute, Nami. We have to run!!”
Nami: “No. I can’t take it anymore. Someone who hits a child … !!
I’m going to finish her right here !