ONE PIECE 1014 Spoilers and Release Date

one piece mangaOne piece 1014 manga will be released on May 28 on ⛔ One Piece 1014 spoilers will be released here on May 26 or 27.

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– Luffy falls into the ocean while Kaidou watches him.
– Bao Huang informs Kaidou that they have found Momonosuke.
– Kaidou tells Bao Huang to inform the entire island of Onigashima about the result of the fight
– Yamato keeps going to the roof while fighting.
– Momonosuke: “Looks like I shouldn’t die … !!”
– Chopper Vs. Queen.
– Caesar tells Chopper that with his help, he could make the effect of the Rumble Balls last much longer than 3 minutes (this is the image he posted).
– Bao Huang announces the outcome of Kaidou’s battle and says that Kaidou will accept as subordinates those who surrender.
– Kanjuurou arrives where Momonosuke is.
– At the end of the chapter Kaidou appears before Momonosuke and attacks Kinemon with his kanabo.