ONE PIECE 1015 Spoilers and Release Date

one piece mangaOne piece 1015 manga will be released on June 4 on ⛔ One Piece 1015 spoilers will be released here on june 2 or 3.

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-The chapter begins with the reaction of Luffy’s allies upon learning of his defeat.
– Samurai: “Is it useless to continue fighting? Is Momonosuke-sama safe?”
-Queen says she was playing with Chopper.
– Perospero launches a new arrow attack.
– Sanji appears and attacks Queen and Perospero.
– Sanji Vs. Queen.
– We passed Kaidou and Kinemon.
– Momonosuke informs everyone through the frog Mary that Luffy is alive.
– Shinobu and Momonosuke escape from Kaidou, who continues to chase them.
– Luffy is rescued.
– Something like Zeus talks to Nami.
– Kid and Law Vs. Big Mom.
– Yamato: “Kaidou !!
– Kaidou: “Call me” father “… Yamato !!”
– Yamato: “I’m here to break this chain that binds me to you !!!”