ONE PIECE 1016 Spoilers and Release Date

one piece mangaOne piece 1016 manga will be released on June 11 on ⛔ One Piece 1016 spoilers will be released here on june 9 or 10.

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– Kaidou vs Yamato
– CP0 says that since the Pleasures and Waiters switched their side, the number is now 20,000 warriors in Kaidou’s side Vs. 7,000 warriors in samurai’s side.
– Zeus asks Nami to give him a new name. Nami calls him “Wata” (cotton) but Zeus doesn’t like it and keeps calling himself Zeus.
– Ulti dodges Nami’s attack, but thanks to Zeus, the attack chases Ulti.
– It seems there is a reason why Kaidou is in Wanokuni.
– We don’t see Bao Huang’s face in this chapter.
– Usopp catches Bao Huang with his “Midori Boshi: Devil” (Green Star: Devil).
– Yamato and Kaidou are on the roof of the dome.
– Kaidou transforms into a dragon to climb up and then uses his hybrid form.
– Yamato: “I’m going out to the sea with Luffy. But before that we will kick you out of Wanokuni first!!”
– Kaidou: “Don’t think I’m gonna go easy on you, Yamato!!”
– The final clash is a Haki clash between them.