ONE PIECE 1056 Release Date, Spoilers, Leaks Pics

one piece mangaAfter Ryokugyu’s attack on Wano, which was stopped by Momonnosuke and the appearance in the distance of Shanks, Luffy and the straw hats prepare to leave Wano.⛔??

One piece manga 1056 will be released on August 5 at, below are the first spoilers.

ONE PIECE 1056 Summary

– One Piece 1056 «Cross Guild»
– chapter title is referring to Buggy’s new organization in the news, which Crocodile and Mihawk are a part of.
– Buggy put bounties on Marine’s heads
– Neko and Inu are staying in Wano, and they choose Carrot as their successor to lead the Minks.
– Shinobu is beautiful again thanks to Aramaki’s attack.
– Caribou hears a conversation from the Straw Hat crew about Pluton.
– Caribou: «First Poseidon and now Pluton!? I must tell THAT PERSON at once.»
– Kid will search «a man with a burned mark» who seems to hold some hint about One Piece.
– Momonosuke and Kinemon get up and realize that Luffy and his crew are about to leave Wanokuni. Straw Hat crew said goodbye to everyone except Momonosuke and Kinemon.
– Shinobu becomes Tama’s mentor. Luffy promises Tama that she can become his nakama when she can use Ninjutsu.
– In the final page we see Yamato standing at the castle roof, he is about to run to where Luffy and his crew are.