ONE PIECE【Chapter 1076】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaIn this post you will find all the information ⭐ about the manga One Piece chapter 1076 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

One Piece manga 1076 will be released this February 24 on The spoilers are bellow.

ONE PIECE 1076 RELEASE DATE: February 24

– Chapter 1076: «Old friends».
The chapter begins where the previous one left off. Zoro hears a shout from Nami in the distance and says that they must protect the Vegapunks and help their nakamas (we see nothing of the other groups in this chapter). Luffy and Zoro decide that they must end the fighting as soon as possible, so they can’t be carrying the CPO all the time.
Kaku talks to Luffy.
Kaku: «If we can get through this together, I promise I’ll let you put the cuffs back on me.»
Luffy: «Ohh, will you? Then okay, shishishi!!!»
Luffy now talks to Lucci.
Luffy: «When we finish this fight, you won’t take it out on my nakamas or Vegapunk just because you’re not able to beat me, will you?»
Lucci: «Fine by me… Anyway, it’s you I want to kill first!!!! When you’re dead, all your nakamas will end up just like you…»
Shaka hands the key to Lucci and Kaku’s handcuffs to Luffy.
Shaka: «You are free to do whatever you want as long as you guarantee Stella’s safety!!!»
Although Zoro still doesn’t trust them, Luffy releases Lucci and Kaku.
Luffy and Lucci fight the S-Bear. Zoro and Kaku fight the S-Hawk. Luffy uses the Gear Forth and Lucci uses his hybrid form (he does not use his awakened form). Kaku does not transform. We find out that the S-Hawk has the powers of Daz Bones/Mr. 1’s «Supa Supa no Mi» and can turn his body into steel.

In an impressive double-page spread, Luffy/Lucci and Zoro/Kaku use a combo attack against S-Bear and S-Hawk.
Luffy: «Gomu Gomu no Kong Gun!!!»
Lucci: «Roku Ou Gan!!!»
Kaku: «;Rankyaku: Hakurai!!!»
Both Seraphim fly out of the building from the force of the attack.
We cut to the real Vegapunk (Stella), he has woken up in a secret prison inside the lab. Vegapunk is back to being an old man again, although he is injured and chained up. Vegapunk is imprisoned along with several «Cipher Pol» agents who had disappeared a few weeks/months ago (from «Cipher Pol No. 5», «Cipher Pol No. 7» and «Cipher Pol No. 8»).
Vegapunk wonders how he ended up in this prison and also says that he finds it curious that his research on the Poneglyph was leaked to the World Government (implying that someone betrayed him).
We go outside Egghead Island. We hear several communications between different Navy bases, reporting that a fleet of over 100 ships is heading for Egghead Island.
We move on to Elbaf, specifically to a bar near the shore.
Shanks and the Akagami Pirates are drinking at the bar. A boy of the giant race asks Shanks if he can go with them on their boat, but Shanks declines his proposal (as he did with Luffy in the first chapter of One Piece). The bar owner tells the boy that he should surrender.
Several ships from the Akagami Pirates’ fleet are near the island, and they inform Shanks that the Kid’s Pirates are approaching Elbaf. The Akagami Pirates talk about it at the bar.

Benn Beckman: «Our enemy must be furious.»
Lucky Roux: «Look who’s talking!!!!
Who do you think they have a grudge against!!!?»
Shanks: «Looks like I’ve been talking too long already!!! Although it was inevitable, since I just ran into some old friends again that I thought were dead!!!»
Shanks gets up from the table and continues talking.
Shanks: «I don’t want to cause too much havoc in this place.
Will you help me out, Dorry and Brogy?»
In another amazing double-page spread, we discover that the Akagami Pirates are drinking along with Brogy, Dorry, Karsee, Oimo and other giants. We can see that the giants really appreciate Shanks.
Dorry and Brogy: «Sure thing brother (kyodai)!!!!!
iiWe’re ready to help you!!!»
Shanks walks to the battle site next to Brogy and Dorry. Shanks asks Rockstar to go ahead and talk to Kid before the fight starts.
Shanks: «Rockstar, tell Kid we can fight him right now if he wants to!!! OR he can hand us the Road Poneglyph and leave!!!»
The Kid’s Pirate ship fights other ships in the Akagami Pirate fleet at sea. Killer talks to Kid.
Killer: «Kid, in our previous confrontation with them you weren’t even able to get to see Shanks face!!!! This time maybe you won’t just lose an arm….
Kid: «We’ll worry about that if they actually manage to defeat us!!!»
The chapter ends with Shanks walking towards the coast of Elbaf as his fleet captains cheer him on.