ONE PIECE【Chapter 1077】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaIn this post you will find all the information ⭐ about the manga One Piece chapter 1077 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

One Piece manga 1077 will be released this March 10 on Spoilers are bellow.


Chapter 1077: «Should have realized that sooner».
Chapter starts with Sentoumaru telling all Egghead’s workers to escape from the island. Sentoumaru tells everyone about Ohara’s incident (we can see an Ohara’s recap panel, like recap panels we saw in Levely Arc). Sentoumaru says that something worse may about to happen in Egghead Island.
Cut to Luffy’s group, Shaka tells Luffy that he has an idea where Stella might be. Luffy/Zoro/Lucci/Kaku are still fighting against Seraphim. During some pages of the chapter, they use attacks like «Gomu Gomu no Kong Organ» or «Shishi Sonson» against them, but Seraphim get up with no damage. Luffy is very upset.
Luffy: «How can you getting up!? Are you Kaidou or something!?»
Battle stops for a moment, Luffy and Lucci return to normal human form. Zoro realizes that Seraphim are somewhat similar to King. Shaka hears that and explains that «Lunarian blood» taken from King was used to add power to the Seraphim. Then Shaka leaves the group to search Stella.
Zoro tells everyone about Lunarian weakness.
Zoro: «Pay attention to that flame on their backs… When the flames go out, you can attack them!!
But when the flames are on, they are practically invincible!!»
Lucci: «It’s OK. At least we know how to fight them now.»
Zoro: «King’s special characteristics are black wings, white hair, brown skin, and flames on his back.»
Battle against Seraphim continues.
Cut to Nami’s group. Edison is destroyed by S-Shark, he’s still moaning but heavily damaged. Nami uses Zeus to attack S-Shark with «Raitel» (Thunder Bolt) but Seraphim gets up after the attack. Suddenly, Sanji appears and kicks S-Shark, he will fight against him.
Cut to Usopp’s group (Pythagoras’ head is with them). Lilith uses her «Bubble Gun» on S-Snake becuse its bubbles contain the sea energy (like Kairouseki), so bubbles must touch S-Snake to weaken her.
Franky holds a bubble and uses it to pin S-Snake down on the ground (Franky puts the bubble over S-Snake like a solid ball). S-Snake starts crying and says she’s in pain, so Franky panickly apologizes and his hand slip. S-Snake escapes and kicks Franky, turning him to stone.
Then S-Snake gives Usopp (that didn’t do anything in the battle) and Lilith a cute wink and they smile at her cuteness. S-Snake uses «Mero Mero Merrow» to turn Usopp and Lilith to stone (we don’t see if Pythagoras’ head has turned to stone or not).
Cut to Shaka, he’s walking down to the «Old Devil Fruit Research Room» underground (we can’t see much of it, it seems it’s a dark abandoned lab), Shaka finds the secret prision there, he’s shocked when he sees Stella and all Cipher Pol agents.
Shaka: «Stella, so you’re here!!
Who on earth did such a thing!? I’ll release you right now…
Stella realizes that there’s someone in the shadow behind Shaka.
Stella: «Shaka, did you bring someone else with you?»
Shaka turns around and hears some footsteps. A mysterious person walks down the stairs behind Shaka (we can’t see who’s that person). The mysterious person shots Shaka in his head with a gun (it seems a normal gun, not something futuristic).
Shaka’s head explodes with blood everywhere. Stella is shocked…
End of the chapter