ONE PIECE【Chapter 1082】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaIn this post you will find all the information ⭐ about the manga One Piece chapter 1082 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

One Piece manga 1082 will be released this May 5 on The spoilers are bellow.


Chapter 1082: «Let’s Go Get Him».
The chapter begins with a newspaper headline announcing T-Bone’s death. He was killed by a citizen who wanted the reward Cross Guild was offering for T-Bone.
In the cafeteria at Marine HQ, Sengoku and Tsuru are talking about the news and the growing threat posed by Cross Guild. Hina arrives and talks to them.
Sengoku: «Hina, where is Garp, I want him to try this new flavor of Okaki cookies!!!»
Hina: «Garp left a few days ago saying he was going to rescue Koby. It looks like SWORD and Kujaku also left with him.»
Sengoku and Tsuru: «WHAT THEEEEEEEEE!!!?»
We move on to the Cross Guild base on Karai Bari Island. We see that Buggy is sending T-Bone’s reward money to the family of the man who killed him (we don’t see what T-Bone’s reward was).
T-Bone’s killer will join Cross Guild and Buggy will protect him from the Navy.
We see that the Cross Guild ship has been built, it has Buggy’s head as the figurehead and the ship’s theme is clowns (it looks like it doesn’t have a name yet). Crocodile and Mihawk see the ship and start beating Buggy again (none of Buggy’s nakamas do anything to help him XD).
Crocodile and Mihawk: «Why do we have to sail this boat?»
Crocodile wants to use Cross Guild to complete «Utopia» at once, his plan to create a nation. He is planning to build «Utopia» as a military nation that cannot be threatened by any other force. Mihawk gives him some advice, such as the need to accumulate more power.
Buggy is against Crocodile’s plan.
Buggy: «That’s not what real pirates do!!!!»
A flashback about Buggy and Shanks begins. It takes place 24 years ago in Loguetown, on the day of Gol D. Roger’s execution. It is an extended version of this vignette we saw during the talk between Shirohige and Shanks in chapter 434.
Buggy asked Shanks if they were going to go in search of the One Piece. Although he had intended to do so earlier, Shanks changed his mind and decided that this was not the time to go to Laugh Tale.

Shanks: «But don’t worry, I’ll still be a pirate!!! Come with me!!! Buggy!!!»
Buggy: «I’m not planning on being your minion, you idiot!»
Buggy was infuriated as he secretly hoped that Shanks would follow Roger’s path and become the next Pirate King. Buggy had already abandoned his ambitions as he knew he was no match for Shanks.
Buggy: «I’ll never forgive you for losing my treasure map!»
After this, Buggy ran away…..
Back to the present. Buggy talks to Crocodile and Mihawk and asks them if they haven’t heard the news that Akagami is on the move. Buggy is angry that Shanks has decided to set out now, this ignites his spirit.
Buggy: «It may have been by luck or a series of accidents, but I now hold the same title as him… In that case… I ALSO WANT TO BE KING OF THE PIRATES!!!»
Buggy shouts this in tears and before Crocodile hits him again.
Crocodile: «You are disappointing. You have no plan and no preparation. piracy is a business!!!»
Mihawk: «Akagami, Kurohige, Straw Hat… Do you really expect us to fight them all under your orders!!!?»
Buggy: «We don’t need to defeat them all! This is a battle for the treasure! All we need to do is get the treasure first!!!»
Buggy then grabs a microphone before Crocodile can stop him, and gives a speech to the Cross Guild members.
Buggy: «Are you satisfied with your current lives!!! Remember the reason you first set sail to sea? The day has come!!! LET’S GO FOR THE ONE PIECE!!!»
Cross Guild members applaud and cheer for Buggy. Crocodile and Mihawk are in shock at his words and very angry.
We move on to the Kamabakka Kingdom. We see that the 4 Revolutionary Army commanders are very excited because someone has arrived: Sabo has returned safely.
They reveal to us that Sabo was not actually in the Kingdom of Lulusia when Im destroyed the island. Sabo was on a ship along with several citizens of Lulusia who wanted to join the Revolutionary Army (Moda was also on the ship).
Sabo enters the meeting room with Dragon and Ivankov.
Sabo: «I’m going to tell them the whole truth about what happened on Mary Geoise!!!»