ONE PIECE【Chapter 1052】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaHere we have the spoiler and the release date of One Piece manga 1052.

One piece 1052 manga will be released on June 10 on ⛔ One Piece 1052 spoilers are bellow.

Chapter 1052: «New Morning»
Cover: The Germas encounter Caesar
– Zunesha left because the borders are closed.
– Hawkins reveals in a talk to Drake that he meant himself when he said one person only has 1% chance of survival. Hawkins predicted Kaido’s defeat with his cards but didn’t commit another betrayal because of his pride. 7 days passed
– We see the progress made in the land of Wano.
– Apoo & Inbi seem to have made up with the alliance.
– Ashura died & Izo died in his exchange with Maha.
– A few comedy & fanservice scenes including yamato and the straw hats.
– Greenbull is on his way to Wano.
– Law pirates and Kid pirates are in the harbour with Franky, Usopp and the guy that Franky was his pupil at the beginning of the arc
– They are relaxing after reparing ships and the Franky Shogun.
– Bepo and Killer are saying the Franky shogun is cool
– They are also saying that the bounties of the captains will probably be amazing
– Apoo arrives with Inbi from the numbers(he was on his hand)
– He brings the newspaper with the new bounties and gives it to them
– Everything is written, the new bounties and the people who are called the new emperors of the sea
– Rokugyu appears the last 2 panels, he is talking with Sakazuki and has a flower at his back and is flying