SPY X FAMILY【Chapter 66】Release Date, Summary

Spy X FamilyIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Spy X Family chapter 66. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Spy X Family manga 66 will be released this August 8 on capitulo.tvymanga.com. Below we have the summary of
everything that happened in the previous chapter.



Chapter 65 of the Spy X Family It starts with Yor deciding to go to the supermarket and learn what a normal mother does, and she also asks Anya if she wants Yor to buy her something. Anya replied that she wanted to eat the cakes that Mr. Henderson gave her in the previous chapter.
However, it is worth mentioning here that Yor does not know where to buy delicious cakes, she does not even dare to ask the people around for fear that others will think she is an abnormal mother, do not know. take care of family. So she decided to go to the mall with the hope that she could find a really good bakery. It was also in this place that she saved a strange woman, and at the same time befriended her.
This woman was called by the people around her as Melinda, one of the members of the “Mothers” club. Coincidentally they were about to participate in a volleyball tournament, thinking that this was a normal activity that mothers usually do, so Yor agreed to participate immediately.
Although there are extremely fierce balls, the loss belongs to the team of Yor (simply because she often breaks the law). However, when he was made friends with other mothers, Yor also decided to join one of their tea sessions. Melinda and other mothers also let Yor know that not knowing what to do with their children is also very normal, because even mothers with many years of experience face many difficulties. difficulty in motherhood.
After talking for a while, Yor learned that most of Melinda’s friends (including her) also have children studying at the school. Eden. Especially Melinda when she knew Anya Forger She was in the same class as her child and happily introduced herself more fully as Melinda Desmond.