TOKYO REVENGERS Chapter 271 Spoilers Release Date

Tokyo RevengersIn this post you will find all the ⭐ information about the manga Tokyo Revengers chapter 271 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Tokyo Manji Revengers manga 271 will be released this September 27 on Spoilers are bellow.

RELEASE DATE : September 27

– Title:»An empty desire»
– Shinichiro took Sanzu to meet the «time traveler» under the bridge.
– It seems that Haruchiyo will be the trigger for Shin because he obviously won’t work with the other traveler.
– Shinichiro goes to dark impulse mode.
– The first time leaper has shaggy hair and is small.
– A plane again. It’s not the Supersonic Concorde, but it’s sure that Mikey also cracked his life with this toy.