KANOJO MO KANOJO【Chapter 128】Spoilers, Release Date, Leaks Pics

Kanojo Mo KanojoIn this post you will find all the ⭐ information about the manga Kanojo Mo Kanojo chapter 128 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Girlfriend And Girlfriend manga 128 will be released this January 11 on mangaomega.com. The spoilers are bellow..

RELEASE DATE: January 11

Lead Color Page is chizuru standing in front of a tree on a photographed background. Merch included this issue for kanokari is a chizuru yes/no pillow set, if you know you know. chapter starts with chiz heading out to the stage play (it’s her bday today).

Few pages of kaz worrying before him and mini are on their way to the play, seems like kaz and mini sit on different spots in the theater. The play begins and we get a double page of chizuru and kaz blushing at her entrance. As the play goes on kaz thinks about how amazing she is.

But also seeing her surreounded by the actors he feels lonely, cus she has a life of her own with friends etc and that they are not a real family yet worries him. Then a page of him looking at her and thinking «That’s who person I love is» or something like that ish.

The play ended and we see mini giga crying due to the amazing performance etc. Kaz and mini walk home and they find sumi in front of chiz’s house! (First time mini and sumi meeting?) Back at the staff room in the theater, the director thanks for everyone’s hard work etc.

One of the girls hugs chiz from behind, complimenting her performance, same with another one, chiz smiles and is happy. Then another girl shows up and says that they have a lil surprise prepared for today and it’s a birthday cake and congratulations for her birthday from everyone.

Chiz reacts a bit surprised lol. Next time: Photograph.