ONE PIECE【Chapter 1049】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaHere we have the spoiler and the release date of One Piece manga 1049.

One piece 1049 manga will be released on May 13 on ⛔ One Piece 1048 spoilers are bellow.

Chapter 1049: «The world we should aspire to»
– In the cover, someone burned Niji and Yonji’s book
– Kaido flashback time. We see his childhood in Vodka Kingdom, and where a few years later he met Whitebeard who told him that Rocks wants to meet him
– In the present, part of Raizo’s water leaves the castle and flame clouds disappear. But Momo makes a new one.
– Luffy says he will create a world where none of his friends would starve, then he hits Kaido and Kaido falls to the ground of the flower capital.
– In another flashback, Kaido tells King that Joy Boy will be the man that can defeat him.