RECORD OF RAGNAROK 73 Spoilers and Release Date

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie mangaIn this post you will find all the information ⭐ about the manga Record of Ragnarok chapter 73.⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Shuumatsu no Valkyrie manga 73 will be released this December 30 on Spoilers will be published on December 28.


The Valhalla congress, a meeting of all the gods of the world held every 1000 years to decide the fate of humanity, has concluded in an almost unanimous vote in favor of its complete extinction, after seven million years of existence. The only ones to oppose this verdict were the Valkyries, whose leader, Brünnhilde, reminds the congress that, in such a case, humans have one last chance: Ragnarok.

A tournament that would pit 13 humans against 13 gods in single combat. In the unlikely event that the humans should win 7 victories, they would be allowed to live for 1000 more years. Thus begins a series of battles where the greatest men in history, linked to the valkyrie sisters through the volund, will oppose the most powerful deities in order to ensure the salvation of mankind.