BLACK CLOVER【Chapter 332】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

Black Clover mangaThe Black Clover manga has entered a long-term hiatus, so the chapter 332 will be released on August 5 on ⛔ spoilers will be posted here on August 3 or 4.

Black Clover will begin its last arc, and due to some health problems, the author Tabata Yuki, decided that the best thing to do is to have a three-month break, to prepare everything for the end of the manga.

In chapter 331, Yuno was reunited with her mother. Then the Spade rebels asked Yuno if he will return to Spade.
Asta was happy that his mother loved him. He realized that she was his mother according to Liebe’s memories. (Meanwhile, Yuno is giving a speech about everything he needs to protect in the clover kingdom).
Asta talked about her ideals on how she will make sure people in Clover know that Liebe is a good guy.
Julius says something doesn’t add up. Damnatio wants to talk to Julius, he shows him documents about the qliphot tree, it was revealed that Megicula is not one of the demons in the tree, Megicula was replacing the demon Astaroth, which is a demon that has time magic.
Damnatio says to Julius: «Please tell me you’re not…»
Julius: It’s me…
Julius touched Damnatio’s forehead and regained his adulthood, Julius transformed into a figure resembling Zeno.
Adramelech arrives with him, Julius is actually the 4th brother Zogratis, his name is Lucius Zogratis.