BLACK CLOVER【Chapter 333】Spoilers, Release Date and Leaks

Black Clover mangaIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Black Clover chapter 333. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Black Clover chapter 333 will be released this August 5 on and on August 7 officially on mangaplus. Below we have the summary and the leaked images.


Chapter starts with a short flashback to Lucius where he’s seen looking at his siblings in Spade, then he’s seen in some temple-like thing looking at a broken stone tablets
«I’ve thought a lot… about what we are and what we’re meant to accomplish»
The most talented devil-host in the history of our family. Born with 2 souls in 1 body.»
«I’ve seen it, Julius. The future. The true peace of this world»
«Lucius, this is..»
«Aah, I’ve seen you trying to stop me too.. You, the closest to me, didn’t understand»
«What are you doing, Lucius?»
«It’s fine, Julius. I’ve seen it all»
Scene back to Asta-Lucius. Lucius stops time for everyone except for the 2 of them
Asta: «Wizard King… not? Who are you?»

Asta: «The magic of the Wizard King… on a large scale!!!»
Lucius says «anti magic… the power that defies reason»
Lucius: «I’ve taken Lucifero in»
Asta inner thought: «this ki… is like his…??» [thinks of Lucifero] «What do you mean maan?? You’re the wizard king but you’re not… you’re human but you’re not… who are who?? Where is the wizard king??»
Lucius monologues about destroying all humanity and rebuilding them with the magic of his siblings. So that all humanity becomes equal. He wants to rule them all so nothing goes wrong again.
«As the last wizard king».
«Don’t worry. I’ve seen it all already, it’s all according to my vision. Except for one thing: YOU. Born without magic, you’re the flaw in this world»
«Who’s the flaw you idioooot, destroy all humanity?The WK put his life at stake to save everyone!! That WK… wouldn’t die so easily!! and so I’ll stop you, and save the WK!!! Right here and now, I’ll surpass the Wizard King!!»