KANOJO OKARISHIMASU 262 Release Date Spoilers Leaks

kanojoIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Rent a Girlfriend chapter 262. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Kanojo Okarishimasu manga 262 will be released this December 6 on capitulo.tvymanga.com. No spoilers yet.

RELEASE DATE : December 6

New arc start: The Girlfriend and the Birthday 2, Part 1. chizuru drip ?. chiz is going out for a jog in the morning, as she apparently always does. meanwhile mini and kaz in the house having small talk. Later, kaz alone in his room looks at his phone’s calendar.

April 19 is marked, obviously for chizuru’s birthday, an important event for him, today is April 16 so he’s wondering what to do with just 3 days left. Switch to chizuru. Some woman chizuru knows greets her, the woman is wondering about the man entering and leaving her house.. 😀

Chizuru shockstare face LOL Due to that the woman was worried but chizuru assures her all is good as it’s just a shared living and explains her more of the story etc. The woman thought kaz was definitely her boyfriend. After their talk, the woman leaves and chizu blushes.

chiz comes home, obligatory page of kaz fawning over her and her body after a morning jog. chiz was about to walk to her room but kaz screams out that it’s her birthday soon and chiz is like «eh? oh…» seems like she forgot her own birthday lol.

as defense she says she’s too old now to look forward to one and kaz is just laughing it off-ish. Chizuru says «I don’t need it», she elaborates that he probably was thinking of getting her a present, but chiz says he should rather save his money.

Kaz obviously tries to convince her but she stays firm. As chiz is walking away, she also mentions she has a stage play on that day and won’t be home till late anyway. kaz is shocked and can’t believe it.

suddenly chiz turns around, looks at his face with a stare and remembers what the woman said «I definitely thought he was your boyfriend» followed by a page of her looking real cute at him with a nice look at her cleavage. Kaz is just perplexed and is like «Sup?».

Chiz suddenly noticed she stared at him and dodges him by saying she didn’t sleep well. Chiz goes to her room and we skip to night time, kaz looking at his ticket to the play on the 19th and is fuming about not being able to celebrate her bd let alone a present and is sad.

Last page he suddenly gets a message from mami LOL asking if he’s good, as in «you good?» Kaz is rather shocked. Next time: Another chance.