KANOJO OKARISHIMASU【Chapter 234】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

kanojoThe manga Kanojo, Okarishimasu chapter 234 will be released on May 10 on capitulo.tvymanga.com ⛔ the spoilers aare bellow.

Kinoshita Kazuya is a regular college student who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Feeling depressed, he decides to use an app called Diamond to hire Mizuhara Chizuru, a surrogate girlfriend, to feel better.

-Yaemori enters Kazuya’s room and sees that everything is a mess and asks him: «What happened?
-Kazuya tells her everything that happened on the trip up to the point where he mentions that Chizuru avoids her.
-Yaemori cries with happiness to know that they even kissed and encourages him not to give up saying that she will do something to help him.
-On the other hand Chizuru goes shopping and sees a carrot(?) and remembers Kazuya blushing xD
-Lastly Yaemori tries to look in her room for Chizuru realizing she’s not there decides to leave, but sees her coming.
-Yaemori runs to her and says, «It’s okay I don’t plan on letting go of you.»