KANOJO OKARISHIMASU【Chapter 246】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

kanojoThe manga Kanojo, Okarishimasu chapter 246 will be released on August 2 on capitulo.tvymanga.com ⛔ the spoilers aare bellow.

Kinoshita Kazuya is a regular college student who has just been dumped by his girlfriend. Feeling depressed, he decides to use an app called Diamond to hire Mizuhara Chizuru, a surrogate girlfriend, to feel better.

Chizuru says she wants to sell the house as the house was empty since grandmother Sayuri passed away. She still needs to tidy up some things, so she says having a boy around would be good.
On the way to the house, Chizuru apologizes to Kazuya for bothering him, He says no problem as he was just checking his Twitter when she asked him.
They arrive at the house. «This is where Mizuhara grew up,» Kazuya thinks, Kazuya has a delusion of him saying «please let me marry your daughter.»
Then Chizuru tells Kazuya to go inside and take off his shoes, We have multiple panels of Chizuru showing the house and Kazuya making some not very relevant comments.
Kazuya thinks the place has a rather old and run-down style, and thinks it doesn’t fit Chizuru’s image (that of a beautiful woman). Chizuru guides him to the washitsu (tatami room) as he wants to collect all the things in this room before calling the movers and instructs Kazuya to remove the curtains, as he is tall.
Kazuya finds some stones in the room and wonders what they are. After some back and forth, he asks him about the rocks awkwardly.
Chizuru says they are part of his grandfather’s collection. Every time he went on a long business trip, he would bring them home, saying things like «every one of them is a keepsake» and Grandma Sayuri seemed supportive.
Chizuru wants to put all the rocks outside and Kazuya asks him if it’s okay to throw them away since they have memories attached to them, but Chizuru asks him what else he can do. He then agrees that there’s not much he can do with them.
Then Chizuru shows him all the other rooms and we have a little timeskip. She starts cleaning and he starts sorting the stones and instead of doing something, Kazuya looks at Chizuru’s butt while she cleans.
Kazuya’s thoughts go crazy again thinking about the situation, «The two of them alone in the place where she grew up…» and then he imagines Chizuru talking dirty to him. In the end, he breaks loose and thinks about the rocks.
Chizuru comes and gives him something to take, Kazuya stops by the bathroom and again comments on how old this house feels, As he talks about how Chizuru could have been living here, he imagines a naked high school Chizuru in the bathroom.
Time jump to night. Kazuya tells himself that this is drudgery and wonders what Grandpa was thinking.
He has some more inner monologue about how this is sentimental but still Chizuru will always act right. «Will the day ever come when I move this iron girl’s heart?» he thinks to himself.
Kazuya tells himself to work hard for Chizuru and continues to work hard. Chizuru sees this and blushes.
Then we have a flashback of Grandpa Kazuhito and little Chizuru. Grandpa has brought a huge rock back from a 20 hour trip and his back hurts, and Chizuru helps him carry it.
Grandma Sayuri and Chizuru tell him to stop doing such hard work, but Grandpa says that everyone has something to carry, «I’m not going to say I’m a hero, but if it’s for the sake of those in need, you magically gain strength.»
While remembering those words from Grandpa, Chizuru looks at Kazuya and blushes, also remembering about herself saying that she will give her all.
More time passes. Then Kazuya accidentally stumbles upon a shrine right next to Grandpa Kazuhito’s shrine. That shrine is of Chizuru’s mother, Kasumi, with a picture of her resting next to it, reflecting a resemblance to her daughter Chizuru but with short hair.