UNDEAD UNLUCK【Chapter 143】Spoilers, Release Date, Leaks Pics

Undead UnluckIn this post you will find all the ⭐ information about the manga Undead Unluck chapter 143 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Undead Unluck manga 143 will be released this January 22 on mangaomega.com. No spoilers yet.

RELEASE DATE : January 22

Fūko Izumo, is a young girl who has been living in seclusion for 10 years since an incident that left over 200 people dead, including her parents, when she was 8 years old. After the end of her long-running favorite manga series for girls, Fūko decides to commit suicide. She is tormented by the fact that she cannot be touched by anyone due to her «bad luck» ability, which brings bad luck to anyone who comes into contact with her and touches her skin. She is saved from suicide by an «undead» who has incredible regenerative abilities and wishes to die in the best way possible, disliking her immortal life. For convenience, Fūko calls him Andy because he is undead, and they begin working together.

However, they soon find themselves pursued by the Union, a mysterious organization. Fūko learns that there are people like Andy and her, with the ability to deny the rules of the world called Negators. The Union is an organization of Negators specializing in hunting Unidentified Mysterious Animals, creatures created by God to complete Apocalypse missions, and they must also defeat a group of Negators who oppose the Union called Under.