KANOJO OKARISHIMASU 292【Spoilers and Release Date】

kanojoIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Rent a Girlfriend chapter 292. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Kanojo Okarishimasu manga 292 will be released this July 27 on mangaomega.com. The spoilers are bellow.


The two of them get off the car and walk on the way to Yunmori Park. As always, Kazuya inwardly praises Chizuru’s perfect appearance.
Kazuya: (Didn’t she prepare for like 20 minutes on the spot!?)
While walking, they chat.
Chizuru: «I really don’t know. When did it start? It’s quite noble of you to help out at the nursery.»
Kazuya explains that he started helping out since elementary school, initially just playing together. Later, he started helping once a month, and before he knew it, he had grown into an adult himself. He modestly says he doesn’t consider himself to be noble; he just genuinely loves kids.
The two arrive at Yunmori Park. There’s a commotion in the classroom, and a little boy rushes over and jumps into Kazuya’s arms. When the children see Chizuru, they are all surprised and gather around Kazuya, asking if she is his girlfriend or fiancée.
Kazuya’s mother and Chizuru exchange greetings. Kazuya’s mother apologizes for being so busy today and still making her come along. Chizuru replies that since she didn’t know where they were going for their «date,» she thought it’d be interesting to come along and learn with Kazuya.
Kazuya is taken aback: (Calling it a «date,» is that really okay!? Is she just being polite, or does she mean it!?)
Kazuya’s mother wants Chizuru to put on Yunmori Park’s apron. After Chizuru changes and ties her hair into a single ponytail, she formally introduces herself to the children. The kids’ eyes shine brightly as they call her cute and beautiful.
When Kazuya’s mother asks if anyone wants to play with Teacher Chizuru, many little boys raise their hands eagerly. Kazuya gazes at Chizuru in admiration: (As expected, there’s no guy who wouldn’t like this girl…)
Finally, when Chizuru is surrounded and feeling a bit overwhelmed by the group of children, Kazuya comes to her rescue, wearing an apron himself.
Kazuya: «Alright, let’s get started!»
His appearance in the work outfit captivates Chizuru.
Chizuru: (Huh, he looks surprisingly decent…)
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