ONE PIECE【Chapter 1072】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaIn this post you will find all the information ⭐ about the manga One Piece chapter 1072 ⭐ From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

One Piece manga 1072 will be released this January 20 on Spoilers will be published on January 18 or 19.


Cover: Queen, Judge and Caesar are making things
– Flashback: Vegapunk explains that Kuma’s power is to turn nonphysical things into physical ones, like what he did with Zoro’s pain.
– Vegapunk wants him to help with his experiment and materialize Kuma’s own memories so he can figure out the weight of memories.
– Kaku uses his awakening against Zolo, but Zoro overpowers him.
– Stussy is revealed to be the clone of a former Rocks member.
– Stussy is the clone of (Miss)Buckingham Stussy.