ONE PIECE【Chapter 1055】Spoilers, Release Date, Manga Raw

one piece mangaHere we have the spoiler and the release date of One Piece manga 1055.

One piece 1054 manga will be released on July 29 on ⛔ One Piece 1055 spoilers are bellow.

– Momonosuke stopped Yamato from intervening because he wants to save Wano by himself and that is his duty.
– Momonosuke vs Green bull
– Momonosuke finally «is able» to use Bolo Breath (he uses it in a borderline situation, but we don’t know if he has mastered it).
– With a single Bolo breath, Momonosuke hurts Green Bull (he doesn’t hurt him «severely» because Ryokugyuu was prepared for a 2nd round where he was going to fight seriously before Shanks).
– Green bull leaves after sensing the shanks’ conquerors haki and realizing that the red hair pirates pirates are nearby.
– Sukiyaki takes Robin and Law to the depths of ancient Wano where the Road Poneglyph is located. There he explains to them how the current Wanokuni was built.
– Wano was a bigger island that got smaller due to sea level rise («due to sea level rise» is not quite correct, but I can’t give more details for now).
– There is more lore from the poneglyph and Robin’s conversation with Sukiyaki.
– The Straw Hat gang continues with the party.
– The chapter ends with Luffy and «other characters» sensing Shanks’s haki (Kid doesn’t appear at all in the chapter but the are others with Luffy. they don’t feel Shanks’ haki in the sense that they know to be like «Hey, it’s Shanks!» and they don’t feel the CoC exerted throughout all of Wano)