DRAGON BALL SUPER 89【Release Date】Spoilers Manga Leaks

Dragon Ball SuperIn this post you will find all the information about the manga Dragon Ball Super chapter 89. From the release date, spoilers, summary and leaks images.

Dragon Ball Super manga 89 will be released this January 19 on mangaomega.com. Below we have the first spoilers.


Several days after the events at Butterfly Mountain, Trunks is unable to open the data he retrieved from Dr. Hedo… until he tries it on Bulma’s computer. It turns out to be the blueprints of a (rather familiar) living organism. But opening the files releases a virus into the computer. Bulma, who walks in at that moment, is angry to see Trunks on her computer and assumes he must have broken his again.

She reproaches him for having inherited his father’s talent, but little of his own! Fortunately, Bra sets things right in a jiffy. She is far more talented than Trunks when it comes to computers.

Anyway, Bulma has one request for Trunks: take Mai to school, and don’t be late! Since Mai seems to be the same age as Trunks, Bulma has enrolled her in the same high school as Trunks, before the fact that a girl her age not going to school gives rise to strange rumors.

Mai attends class and people are impressed by her mature appearance, as well as the fact that she goes to school while working (and living) at Capsule Corp. Scale asks if Mai has a boyfriend, but Trunks tells her to stop asking such questions and that there’s no way she does. Next, a second new student, Beta, is introduced to the class. Trunks’ classmate Rula finds him very handsome and volunteers to babysit him… Mai also seems to notice him, much to Trunks’ confusion.

Then it’s time for physical education. Trunks is struggling in basketball, annoying his partner Compass who thinks he’s much stronger than usual today. Trunks then tells him it’s because he usually holds back a little more (but he’s probably trying to impress Mai now). The teammates cheer Trunks on, while Mai seems to notice something else….